Bonding glass

Flintermann is a specialist in the bonding of glass. Glass bonding can create a material that has improved properties over its individual components.
Glass objects can be manufactured in this way and tailored to customer requirements.

Flintermann manufactures according to strict quality standards: the products are designed and implemented according to numerous guidelines and regulations of the adhesive manufacturers. Precise controls at every step of the process guarantee consistent quality and planning reliability.

Glass furniture or furniture with glass elements are characterized by a noble appearance. The surfaces are easy to clean and robust. Flintermann glass finishing can be used to create various effects that set accents and give creativity new forms.

Perfect purity with Klarsch

In shopfitting, the goal is to present the goods and the brand in an optimal and appealing way. This applies both inside and out. Refined glass elements such as doors or partition walls can give the room a new flair through fascinating plays of light in a sandblasted look or through a lacquered finish. New, highly transparent anti-reflective glass reduces annoying reflections to a minimum so that customers can easily see the merchandise from the outside. The viewer is not disturbed by the reflection of light or the surroundings and perceives colors and color contrasts optimally. As a safety glass, the glass protects and ensures a higher mechanical resistance.

Upon request, Flintermann will support you in planning and tailor production to your requirements. Contact us – you will find our contact persons in the “Contact” section.

Glass has also become an indispensable modern material for interior design. Hardly any other material can be used so variably – as sun protection, thermal insulation or sound insulation.

  • Kitchen worktop
  • Furniture
  • Furnishings
  • Doors and partition walls
  • UV-inhibiting glass (for museums)
  • steps or wall coverings
  • Mirrors

We can also produce unusual ideas for you, such as laminating fabrics between glass or providing glass with wooden back panels.

Flintermann implements your creative ideas with perfect craftsmanship.